5 Tips for Safer Grilling

Here are 5 tips for safer grilling!

1. Check the Gas Lines – Inspect the lines for cracking, sharp bends, and brittleness. Rub soapy water on the line and look for bubbling to test for leaks.

2. Grill in well-ventilated areas – Never grill inside a home, tent, vehicle, or camper.

3. Use combustibles cautiously – Keep lighter fluids capped and a safe distance away for the grill. Never add lighter fluid to hot coals. Never use gasoline or kerosene as a starter fluid.

4. Clean your Grill – Clean grates and grease pans to prevent flare-ups. Wait 48 hours before disposing of charcoal ashes.

5. Create a safe zone – Keep children, pets, and play areas away from grills. Grill at least 10 feet away from buildings. Never leave a grill unattended.

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