Fall Home Maintenance tips to keep the future months hassle free

Fall season means Fall cleaning and getting ready for the colder months to come. If done correctly, the winter months will be a breeze and there will be less chance of unforeseen problems or unwanted insurance claims to be made. Fall foliage can be beautiful, but can also create issues when it builds up in the gutters for instance. Homeowners will need to think about cleaning out their gutters. If leaves rot and back up the gutters, this can create water to spill into your yard and walking areas, which can cause damage to your home and make walking conditions dangerous. Not to mention any back up to the gutter at all will simply damage the gutter and will require a replacement.

Another part of the home that requires some inspection during the autumn months would be the roof of your home and/or garage. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If the roof is already beginning to weaken, and the upcoming winter is going to be harsh one as predicted, the roof is surely to be severely damaged. It is smart to take care of any potential damage to the roof now and avoid emergency repairs during the winter. Not only will this save any hardship to the home if the roof was to become damaged, but it will also be much safer for the homeowner or repairmen to go up on the roof before conditions become slippery or freezing.

Ever hear of home pipes bursting during blizzards or freezing cold temperatures and flooding the home? Those were due to homeowners not winterizing their pipes during the autumn months and not taking the opportunity during this time to be fully prepared for a potentially tough New England winter. Winterizing the pipes could be considered one of the most valuable ways to protect your home over the winter. The easiest way to winterize your indoor piping systems would be to visit your local home repair store and purchase fitted insulation that can wrap around any size pipes. Another good idea before it becomes too cold is to simply check all the pipes in the home for any leaks or cracks that will get worse as the weather becomes colder.

Lastly, before our area starts to get hit with that dreaded snow, stock up on all those home snow supplies! Items such as shovels, firewood, and sidewalk salt are important and necessary to have at all times, especially in New England as a homeowner. It is a lot better to have to simply run to the basement after a blizzard hits, rather than struggling to a store. Being prepared is half the battle and really, the best way to stay protected.

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