Protect your Family with these Pool Safety Tips

Opening your swimming pool this month? Supervision is the key word when it comes to pool safety. However, it is not the only line of defense against a swimmer being hurt in a pool. Encourage your neighbors, family, friends, and baby-sitters to follow these swimming and pool safety tips. Keep the pool off-limits unless adults are available to supervise. Be sure to include:

– High locks on the access doors to the pool area
– Alarms on the access doors
– A locked fence separating the pool from your home and other yards
– Water-survival training for children as soon as they are capable of crawling or walking to the pool

Be sure to follow these pool safety tips, too:

– Do not allow children to swim without supervision
– Do not place anything near the fence that can be used to climb over the fence
– Make sure the house doors do not open directly into the pool area. There should be a second self-locking gate installed prior to entering the direct pool area.
– Store chemicals in a hard-to-reach area so they cannot be accessed or knocked over by children

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